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In December 2019, the GATE project was launched to develop and to implement innovative practices tackling gender stereotypes in order to foster inclusive education and to promote gender equality starting in primary education. It gathers 6 partners in 5 countries from Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France and Spain. 

The objectives are to: 

• Raise gender awareness among pupils and teachers

• Train educational staff on stereotypes and the prevention of gender-based behavior

• Deconstruct stereotypes among students to prevent discrimination based on gender 

• Promote the good use and dissemination of good practices developed by primary school throughout the European Union.

The implementation of the project was developed in several steps:

1. Create a practice compendium of good practices tackling gender stereotypes at school and in the playground among the participating countries

2. Model these innovative practices into a catalogue of activities, a “Toolbox” to be implemented in different school subjects

3. Train the teachers on the use of the toolbox with their pupils

4. Evaluate the impact of the experimentation

In total, 54 teachers in 5 countries participated in the project, thus about 1 700 pupils from 9 to 16 years old were involved. 

Тhe Gate Consortium formulated 6 policy recommendations for national and European policy makers to promote gender equality education in Europe.

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