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Departamento Educación de Navarra Spain

The Department for Education of the Government of Navarre is the official institution in charge of Education in the Spanish self-ruled region of Navarre.
In the Autonomous Community of Navarre, it is the responsibility of the Department of Education to establish the general conditions and the appropriate means for the real implementation of every aspect of education. This also includes the management of all Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education. The structure of the Department of Education can be found on the following website: It is integrated in the Government of Navarra, as shown on its web:

This institution manages over 300 schools (172 Public Primary Schools and 61 Public Secondary Schools, besides subsidised private schools), involving more than 10.000 teachers. The school system attends to more than 100.000 students.

It includes a Section of Coeducation devoted to teacher training and advice regarding any aspect related to coeducation. The main project in which it has been involved lately has been the Skolae Programme for Equality. It is a programme created to accompany and systematise the Learning Pathway set out by the Coeducation Plan for Schools of the Department of Education of Navarra, a pioneer in Spain in this field. The programme has reached a wide diffusion in the media around the country, with a big impact in public opinion. Its implementation started in 2017 in 16 schools. It was awarded by the UNESCO in 2019. This year it has been extended to over 4.000 teachers and the aim is to progressively reach every school around the whole region as a core aspect of education.