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The Bordeaux Academy district represents a population of 725 380 pupils, apprentices and students. Over 3 225 schools and 3 universities make up the training network. The Bordeaux Academy also includes more than 51,597 state-paid staff, including 141 inspection staff, 684 school principals, 16,617 primary school staff, 23,889 second-school staff, 3,558 IATOS. The aim of the Bordeaux Academy, through its action in the field of education, is to raise the level of qualification of young people in Aquitaine region by welcoming, training and accompanying each student, for a successful social and professional integration and to participate in the economic, social and cultural development of Aquitaine. The academic project defines four major ambitions:

  • Ensure the success of all students
  • Promote the education of each student with special needs
  • Promote the orientation course for all students
  • Strengthen academic leadership in favour of educational objectives

The opening up at the international level is present in the first 3 ambitions.
Peyrouat Primary school in Mont de Marsan, Aquitaine, is part of a priority education network, and part of the city priority education zone. 167 students attend Peyrouat school in 2019, it hosts 9 classes and has 11 teachers including 3 specialized teachers: 1 teacher specialized in pedagogy, 1 special education teacher, 1 school psychologist. Added to this, is an EANAF teacher (children newly arrived in France).