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Åbo Akademi University (AA) is an internationally acknowledged research university with a responsibility for providing higher education in Swedish in Finland. It gathers four faculties, among them are the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology; the Faculty of Science and Engineering; The Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences Business and Economics. AA has important research areas such as Minority Research, Molecular Process and Material Technology, Drug Development and Diagnostics and the Sea. In 2018, AA celebrated a century of determination in developing its role as a high-level international research university. AA has a total of 1 200 employees, of which 700 are working in education and research. The university has 5 500 undergraduate students and 950 postgraduate students. AA annually attracts more than 1000 international students representing over 80 countries. Åbo Akademi University publishes 1,400 publications per year. Publication of research results is essential for a university: it is the basis for scientific dialogue and sustainable knowledge, but it also serves as a way of giving back to the society that provides financial support for science and research. For universities, the number of publications per year is used as a measure of their activity, and a is taken into account by the State for the determination of its funding.