A meeting of the GATE project was held on 12-13 December 2019 in Bordeaux. The objectives of the meeting were:

  • Meet and get to know each other;
  • Launch the project that officially started on December the 1st 2019;
  • Start working on the first activities: WP6 – Management, WP5 – Dissemination and communication and WP1 – Practice compendium.

Each partner had the opportunity to present their organization. Each partner is a WP leader of one of the work package and contributor to all the other work packages.

The GATE project officially started on the 1st of December 2019. It will end on the 30th November 2022. It lasts 36 months. It is a “key-action 3” (KA3) project financed by the Erasmus + program, with a priority on Social inclusion. Specificity of KA3 projects: focus on the systemic impact of the action. The main objective is to improve effective equality between girls and boys starting in primary school by tackling gender stereotypes in schools. There are 6 partners from 5 countries: 2 local institutions responsible for education, 2 universities, an NGO and a public operator (from Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France and Spain).


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